Baaghi 2

Baaghi 2

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Directed by : Ahmed Khan

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After the sleeper successful Baaghi finding audiences in large numbers, the same action brand comes with a reboot with a larger scale, bigger budget & more style. Starring Tiger Shroff in the lead again, Baaghi 2 also stars Disha Patani as the female lead. Shraddha Kapoor who was the female lead in the last project will not b...more


“A haywire screenplay further undoes an average looking action film”

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Tiger Shroff


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Rambo inspired action movie

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Madan Mohan Marwah (4,204 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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One more case of the original (Baghi) being better than the sequel ( Baghi 2). This time with a different director Ahmed Khan who has been successful as a choreographer earlier.( Kick) but it may still be relevant because action and fight scenes are actually choreographed to near perfection before picturisation.
The film itself is a rehash of all things seen earlier with our Rambo like hero Tiger Shroff who is a captain in the Indian army engaging in stunts for which he is popular.
The plot is about a young lady Disha Patani whose infant daughter gets kidnapped and who calls out to her ex boyfriend Indian Army captain (Tiger Shroff) to recover the little girl. Tiger's attempts at finding the little girl take him to Goa where he gets involved with drug addicts and shady policemen. The climax is similar to a Rambo movie where Tiger's mentor( his senior in the army) comes to warn Tiger's adversaries not to mess with him else he will finish them all. This is followed by an action packed climax which is bound to thrill fans of Tiger. As Tiger demolishes dozens of men one by one ,at one point his adversaries call out to their boss that " he is unstoppable."A good touch.
There is some attempt by the director to include suspense, drama and sentiments in the proceedings but it falls flat mainly due the amateurish acting of the lead couple. As long as Tiger shows his 6 pack and Disha is acting coy, things are fine but the serious scenes lack credibility. A popular dance by Madhuri Dixit ( Ek , do , teen) redone by Jacqueline Fernandez is presented in a pedestrian manner.
Actingwise Tiger with a military haircut has been made as some kind of Rambo and he does his task well. He is still somewhat shaky in the serious scenes and he has miles to go before he can be called an accomplished performer.
Disha Patani is called upon to look coy and cute and she does it well. She is also convincing as the mother in distress.
The film has an assortment of characters like Manoj Bajpayee as the DIG, a hippy cop Randeep Hooda called LSD who wears braids and who keeps taking selfies, drug addict who harasses the heroine played by Prateik Babbar and hero's good friend (automobile mechanic) Deepak Dobrial.