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Directed by : Aditya Om

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Depicts the rise of Bhola Kevat a low cast boatman in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh rising to the unexpected heights of political power. Bandook connects crime and politics, a psychological peep inside the minds of people who use power of gun as a ladder to wordly success, It shows the vast distance covered by human mind fro...more


“A film that fails on most accounts with nothing to offer. Skip it.”

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Aditya Om


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  • Gross: INR 0.10 cr.
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shoot yourself with a Bandook...more fun!

Rated 1.0 / 5

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tu bhi chala le ghodi ee babua, dum ho agar pichwade mein (use a gun if you have power in your bum)
When a serious movie has such lyrics you know its cerebral damage guaranteed
When people ask you how exciting it is to write reviews for films, you agree more often than not. Then, the guys you write for send you to watch a film called Bandook.

Writer, Director & lead Actor Aditya Om(anyone other Clint Eastwood is barred from trying is combo) brings to the audiences another film about the lawless interiors of this nation. Bhola the boatman comes from the lower rung of society & rises from rank to rank on the political circuit of UP/Bihar.You get to see the dark side of the cops, politics & all that one has seen a 100 times.

The music actually has a few decent tracks and few outrightly ghastly. One credited to the Late Jagjit Singh, one to the legend Altaf Raja(pun intended) & the lyrics of one written by the politician Kapil Sibal.

Aditya Om makes a mind-numbing Bhola, failed director, failed writer, passable lyricist & gets a slow-clap of shame for failing on so many counts.

I request producers & financiers around the world to contact me if they wish to make films just for burning money.I don't need to tell you not to watch it.

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