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Blackmail belongs to the space that is quirky, dark & absolutely nerve wrecking. Starring Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari, Arunoday Singh and Divya Dutta in key roles, the film is set around the premise of chaos and comedy. Blackmail was initially titled Raita and was set for a 30th March release. The film is directed by Abhinay D...more


“Quirky humor & unpredictability make this one a refreshing watch!”

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Irrfan Khan


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Blackmail Review

| by Rahul Bharadwaj |
Rated 3.5 / 5
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Irrfan Khan is an actor who does not need a script most of the times. His presence and stares based acting makes us forget some weakest movie plots. Here Irrfan is aided by a solid screenplay.
There have been movies on adultery in Bollywood and Blackmail is one of the best written and directed stories on this theme. Most of betrayal stories in love end in the betrayed one getting a heart break . In this one a wronged betrayed husband decides to settle scores and starts blackmailing the man who is having an affair with his wife. As luck would have it he gets trapped further when the lover of his wife starts blackmailing his wife.
After about two hours of a story which goes through interesting twists and unpredictable moments the husband comes out of winner and walks out on all dirt in his life. In an intelligently written screenplay you see all the negative characters getting trapped as they try to become smarter and bumping themselves off only to make the husbands route to exit smoother.
What makes Blackmail an interesting watch is its dark humour rich scenes. Like the one where a detective company running head meets his client in a funeral. The scene where Arunoday Singh gets a call from his father in law and how he tries to make his voice sound cool and casual. A blind woman teaching a weapon buyer how to aim a pistol. Blackmail has lovely dark humour moments.
Blackmail also has far better songs than the third class lazy remixes that Bollywood has been shoving down our ears. The performances are superb particularly of Arunoday Singh as the dumb guy who tries to act smart and one up on everyone around him. Divya Dutta as his alcoholic wife is very good.
In a lot of ways Blackmail announces Abhinay Deo’s return to form and this one is in all probability another winner for Irrfan Khan. 3.5 stars.