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Largely but not entirely based on the Hollywood original, this Saif Ali Khan starrer Chef carries over the same mood. The film is a light hearted take on a father-son relationship that evolves as they travel around different parts of the country trying to set up a food truck. An official remake of the 2014 Hollywood film Chef...more


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Saif Ali Khan

Chef(Bollywood) Audience Review

A chef father and his teenage son's bonding, a coperative ex wife, and some cooking too

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Saif is a qualified chef working in America.He apparently thinks too highly of himself, he is short tempered and rude too as we see him in the earlier scenes where he punches a diner who complains about the quality of food. He is rightly fired for this and after some confusion and introspection he heads towards Cochin in India where his teenage son lives with his ex wife.
Under normal circumstances this would lead to some friction between the parents regarding spending time of father son and visitation rights but thankfully we have a sweet ex wife who is very understanding and allows Saif to bond with his son.
In a back story we find that Saif had left home at age of 15 years due to disagreement with his father over choice of profession.Saif wanted to become a chef while his father wanted him to take up a regular job. Saif now takes over an old bus and refurbishes it to serve as a food truck. Business is great now since customers throng his food truck and he is very happy that he also has the constant company of his son. When he gets a job offer from America Saif is inclined to go but on thinking over he realises that being with family in India is more important than material benefits abroad.
The director has made a fairly decent film and the emotional angle has been kept under control not allowing it to get into melodrama. The scenes of father son have been done well. Is it a film on father son bonding against background of cooking or is it a film on cooking with background of a father son bonding?.
On the whole an entertaining film with nothing very special to talk about.

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