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Directed by : Nitesh Tiwari

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Dangal ('Wrestling') revolves around the extraordinary life of Mahavir Singh, an ex-wrestler who is forced to give up his dreams of winning gold for India in international wrestling due to lack of financial support. He resolves to train his future son to one-day represent India in his passion sport. But destiny had other plan...more


“With an inspirational drama mixed in emotions, Dangal scores a solid gold!”

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Aamir Khan

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Dangal Review- Haryanavi dad cum coach trains daughter for gold in international wrestling

Rated 4.5 / 5
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If proof ever was needed that content is king and director is the captain and that a good story does not need a hero or songs or comedian or item number or villain, then this movie is proof. A superbly inspiring, entertaining,absorbing and uplifting movie which is a must watch for everyone This film is  based on a true story of Mahavir Phogat of a village in Haryana who being a wrestler himself gets down to coaching his two daughters in wrestling when destiny does not give him a son and instead he gets four daughters.  Earlier he could not get a wrestling gold medal himself and he had  decided that he would coach his son for a gold medal but that was not to be. He had therefore given up hope till an incident occurred where his two elder daughters bash up two local boys on being called uncomplimentary names. This opens Mahavir's eyes to the potential available right before him and he feels that his daughters have the aggression and capability to become successful wrestlers. It is now clear to him that it does not matter whether a son or daughter gets the gold medal to make his dream come true. The story then follows a path of grit, determination, success, elation, tears, grief, disappointment and frustration leading to a final victory.

Director Nitish Tiwari has a strong script and he converts it into a taut and engaging film without the usual box office trappings. Credit must go to him for the first rate product which the audience gets to see.  The film has some realistic adrenaline pumping wrestling scenes bound to keep you on edge. The director  has been able to extract flawless performances from all actors who are all so natural. Never does the director succumb to melodrama or oversentimentality though opportunity existed. The ambience of a Haryanavi village is also presented well. A plus point of the film is the simplified Haryanavi language used which will go down well with mass audiences. The national anthem played towards the end makes everyone stand in respect. This has probably happened for the first time in a Hindi feature film.
Leading the acting brigade is Aamir Khan who turns in an almost perfect interpretation of an affectionate father and strict coach who overcomes all hurdles to reach his goal. His helplessnes and vulnerability as he faces the archaic system is brought out well. Kudos to the girls for performing so naturally,initially as the reluctant wrestlers and then as confident wrestlers in the professional areana. Sakshi Tanwar as the wife and mother gives good support. The actor who plays the nephew and who relates the story through a voice over has done a splendid job and he has admirably provided the much needed comic relief in the film. Both Fatima Sheikh and Sanya Malhotra and the girls who play their younger charcters have acted very well indeed. A major coup of sorts is the perfect casting for which Mr Mukesh Chabra has rightly been praised, The movie is comparatively long and has extended sequences of wrestling which tends to get monotonous but no problems there, because it is engrossing on the whole due to the excellent cinematography and editing in addition to the acting and direction.