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2.4 63 Ratings

Directed by : Rajiv Virani

Release Date : | Length : 109 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Protagonist Vic (Bobby Deol) is a successful horror film director in Bollywood and is married to Pia (Mugdha Godse), having a turbulent relationship. As the darkness spreads, things start to get worse and the spirit tries to annihilate everything. Now they must race against time to find out the secret which will save their li...more

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  • Gross: INR 2.55 cr.
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Help-this movie needs it

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Help was my first horror movie ever and I got my full helping of all the bhoot clichs that you look for in a ghost flick-doors that open with a chweee sound, creaking floorboards, swings that move on their own, , graveyards, unkempt hair (why do ghosts always have bad hair days?) dead animals, opaque white lenses, lots of mud and trickles of blood. The background music also was spot on in the clichs department-loud bangs faithfully accompanied every scary moment to ensure a Pavlovian fear response from you and screams erupted with regularity. So yes, I was happy that all my criteria for a true blue horror movie were met. What more can a normal middle class person living a hard city life want? And I patted myself on the back for not getting scared even though the girl next to me was covered up in a white duppata to keep herself warm.

The story is of a woman (Mugdha Godse) who is possessed by a demonic spirit and the efforts of her devoted husband (Bobby Deol)and a parapsychologist (Shreyas Talpade)who is touted as the eclectic modern day Da Vinci (whatever that means) to exorcise the demon out of her. This gives plenty of opportunities for all the clichs to play out to their full extent. But in spite of all that I actually found myself totally absorbed in the movie for about 15 minutes in the second half as the Prof and the husband tried to solve the mystery of who the demon soul is ( and no, I am not telling). The puzzle was beginning to get interesting but then they lost me again and left me to drown in some more clichs.

Bobby Deol has to act pained and perplexed which is not hard given his movie career, Mugdha Godse gives us a few shots in a bikini and short shorts and the new style statement of giant size kadas on one delicate wrist. As a possessed person she has to give us a fixed stare look and that is not very hard to do. Shryas Talpade who is careful to make his out to be a special appearance as the wheelchair bound professor manages to look sensible and intelligent about the crazy stuff that he is spouting. His character is in a wheelchair and in one scene he is seen playing basketball which gave me ideas of the wheel chair being an exciting prop for later but it never got used. The lady who plays the mother though is quite good in her depiction of a possessed person. The twins (yes there are twins) begin to grate after we have seen a home video of them around 25 times (and show me one person who likes home videos).

There are two gratuitous songs, one a romantic one so that Mugdha can wear the bikini and the shorts and the other a sad one so that Bobby can look cool 9And pained and perplexed)propped up against the beautiful Mauritius landscape.

I quite enjoyed the action in the second half. Now if only they had cut out the songs and all the hackneyed stuff this would have been a good one hour movie.

Watch this one as a gentle introduction to the world of horror movies as I did or if you are a kind hearted soul who wants to help Bobby Deols sagging career.

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