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In the Name of Tai

In the Name of Tai

2.4 180 Ratings

Directed by : Ujjwal V Thengdi

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Inspired by a true story of a well educated village woman, respectfully known as Tai, who chooses a valiant but a perilous avenue. She unfortunately suffers sexually as well as psychologically in her personal life, yet altruistically battles for the cause of protecting acres of land owned by the village farmers and poverty st...more


“In the Name of Tai is terribly acted and incompetently made. Avoid this one at all costs.”

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Nishiganda Wad

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Rated 0.5 / 5
by Nikhil Arora (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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This film absolutely baffled me. There are some films, which are so bad that you wonder why they were ever made and then there are those, which are so appallingly awful in every way possible that they make bad films also look like great. In the Name of Tai, is riddled with horrendous acting and incoherent writing. To call the filmmaking amateurish would be a huge compliment.

We are told 'Tai' means elder sister about a dozen times. Once a foreigner named Betty is also informed of this fact. Oh yes and Betty is also called Beti by everyone and each time I would wonder why is she being referred to as the daughter. Those fleeting moments of hapless confusion were the only excuses for me to entertain myself.

There is a politician, a woman fighting for the farmer's rights and then there is a village woman. All of them happen to be sleaze-balls. Not only do they take bad acting to unfathomable new lows, they intermittently erupt into filthy lustful outbursts and they do it for almost the entire length of the film. The politician even dreams of a cheap item song. Apparently, the film was about a social cause. I may sound insensitive but I could hardly give two hoots about it. When you're watching a film with obnoxious characters shouting and making faces for absolutely no discernable reason, it doesn't remain about effort or intention anymore but about not wasting effort and time of everyone involved, the makers and the audience. Mainly wasting precious strips of celluloid.

The film is made by Ujjwal V. Thengdi. He plays the politician, directs, writes, produces and does about every single thing there is to do on a film. Such foul narcissism or unwitting ineptitude is hard to ignore especially when the intermission has a title card, which says, not “Interval” or “Intermission” but “Once again - A film by Ujjwal V. Thengdi”. Yes, I'm not kidding. They remind us who made the film, yet again. Thank you very much.

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