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Lava Kusa

Lava Kusa

2.9 84 Ratings

Directed by : Dhavala Satyam

Release Date : | Length : 153 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.0/5
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Lava and Kusa were born to mother Sita at Sage Valmikis hermitage; they grew up learning the essence of Ramayana and master the art of war by using divine weapons from the guidance of Sage Valmiki. The story goes on with their thrilling childhood experiences blended with action, comedy and enchanting magical powers.

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  • Gross: INR 0.20 cr.
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Lava Kusa Audience Review

Sorry, Lord Ram-simply cant 'luv' ur progeny

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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How does it feel to be the only people in a cinema hall? At first, there is a feeling of conceit, and power: the entire damn show is running for us. But by the time its over, you are grinning sheepishly, and running for cover - after all, everybody wants to see the only buffoons who spend 500 odd on a movie like Luva - Kusa.

There was no apparent reason to produce another animated mythological feature, unless and until you had something new to offer - maybe 3D(although even those are coming dime a dozen these days, struggling to grab eyeballs), or an interesting/funny way to re-tell an old story (like Hanuman), or atleast slightly less mediocre animation. None of these conditions are fulfilled, and Luv-Kush are both bound to fall flat on the box office, competing as they are in a fully loaded weekend. And please dont tell me that they wanted to introduce Indian kids to mythology - the introductions, if as if any are needed, have already been made, and nobody is going to come and get educated, when Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck and George Clooney are making life enjoyable in adjacent audis.

Even the choice of a story is wrong - there is nothing much in the post-Ramayan extension that can be milked to provide 1.5-2 hours of entertainment - the basic plot is at most 20 minutes long, and so the director resorts to telling the entire Ram-Charitra in long, 10-12 minute song sequences, via different characters - Rishi Valmiki, Luv-Kush, Hanuman and all (interspersed with Luv and Kush's antics). Now why will one go to watch another Ramayana, an animated one at that, when there have been numerous flesh-and-blood versions and a couple of animated ones too (one boasting of stars releasing this very month) is beyond my comprehension.

There is no story to recite, too - you already know it. The kids, monkeys, squirrels or rabbits don't look cute at all (which was one of the main attractions in Hanuman) - and speak in un-innovative prose and poetry, which use so many legacy words that any kid below 14 would find it difficult to understand. The archaic animation has stooped to levels so low that both the protagonists are exact replicas of each other, barring a change in skin colour - they move together, raise their bows together, and have exactly the same lip movements. It seems as if the animator has simply copy-pasted one character over the other to save effort. A slight influence of the new world is present, but - Luv dodges arrows a la Keanu Reeves in Matrix, and Kush has taken to skateboarding, albeit on wooden phattas. The bhajans and singers are bland, and evoke no sense of devotion. And approximately 20 minutes are used up by anecdotal incidents where a monkey will do something wrong, and Lava-Kusa will educate him, and he will say sorry (Remember 'Sorry Shaktimaan' :D !!)

If the producer wants even an iota of his money back, he should be prudent enough to get it screened on a TV channel within the next fortnight. And you should be prudent enough to avoid going to the theater - unless there is a Government film festival, and they screen it at highly subsidized rates, @ perhaps Rs. 10/15.

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