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Love Shagun

Love Shagun

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Directed by : Saandesh Nayak

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JD, a young man is at an important stage in his life of choosing a life partner.Looking like a plain situation which all youngsters go through, JD is accompanied by an unusual combination of problems, one of a persistent pressure of marriage from his mother and second of the astrological predictions surrounding them. Caught i...more


“Fairly entertaining, a promising start by a bunch of first timers! ”

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Anuj Sachdeva


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Horoscopes of film and viewer may not match

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The basis of a lot of Indian marriages is the horoscope (or rather horrorscope) and Love Shagun uses this basic premise to weave it's slightly shaky story.

JD is a seedha saada boy whose mother is keen that he get married. He goes to an astrologer who tells him that his first marriage will end in divorce but the second one will be successful. So now it becomes important that he first marry someone, anyone and then divorce her and then marry the girl his mother has chosen for him. His 3 friends decide to help him out and get a random bar dancer to marry him. That doesn't work and JD manages to find a girl much above his level to fall in love with him and they get married. Of course, he will fall in love with her actually but will have to divorce her so that the horrorscope's prediction can play out.

The movie predictably jams up the next crucial part of the story into the last 5/6th, like the last bit of clothes you jam into a suitcase. Why it has to do that is beyond me since they had two whole hours to playn with of which so much time is wasted hanging around in Goa's shacks drinking beer. Maybe the Director got infected by typical Goan susegaad.

The story as such is not bad and the camaredrie between the four men is pretty good. These are well etched characters with distinct personalities and they grow on you. Anuj Sachdeva as JD plays with a straight bat and Nidhi Subbaiah as the girl he marries is a good portrayal of a sassy independent woman. I loved her character and Nidhi has an easy charm and confidence that she uses well. Shamin Mannan as Shama the bar dancer has a slighty funny role that she manages to impress in.

Love Shagun could have been a good movie but the pace lets it down. There are too many lags and sags and two hours seem to stretch away much longer than they ought to. Maybe some deft editing could have helped it. As it is, don't follow your horoscope if it tells you to watch a movie this weekend with the intitals LS.

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