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Directed by : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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The Sanjay Leela Bhansali brand of magnum opus, Padmaavat is a period film partially based on the fiery Rajput Princess Rani Padmavati who along with her companions committed Jauhar (self immolation) to protect her honor from one of Khilji dynasty's most powerful ruler Alauddin Khilji. The rather controversial film initially ...more


“Spectacales like Padmaavat aren't made, they are built!”

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Ranveer Singh

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Ranveer's superb acting is highlight of this spectacular dazzling production

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There are some directors who are known to be perfectionists and their work is always special and miles away from conventional cinema. Sanjay Bhansali is one such director who takes up subjects which offer him scope to create superior drama and mesmerizing scenic splendour.
One can see painstaking framing of shots which only Bhansali is capable of and this has been his trademark not only in this movie but in all the previous movies. Apart from being a great director he is also a highly talented music director which ensures that his films have enchanting melodies picturised in a very attractive manner. He has kept a fine balance between serious dramatic scenes and sweepingly magnificent war scenes.
I for one cannot vouch for historical correctness of the developments on screen and that is another matter. In such subjects having a wide canvas it is usual for the narrative to slow down and sag a little at some places specially if the film is of long duration. Bhansali can be forgiven for that. The good points far outweigh the few negative points.
Making a strong impression is Ranveer Singh as the sadistic, tyrannical and sex starved king. He plays this highly ambitious, goal centric and manipulative character with great sincerity. How he changes over from sweet talk to intense ruthlessness is worth seeing. It is Ranveer's raw aggressiveness which carries the film through till the end. Compared to this character, Deepika as queen Padmavati and Shahid Kapoor as the king and her husband are tame. Not their fault since their roles are sketched as passive but in all fairness they have also done a good job. The supporting roles are fairly well done.