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Ramaa - The Saviour

Ramaa - The Saviour

2.9 234 Ratings

Directed by : Hadi Abrar

Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.0/5
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Ramaa: the Saviour is a fast-paced, edge-of-your seat jungle adventure film with a central cast of children.

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  • Gross: INR 0.15 cr.
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Ram iss saviour se bachao

Rated 1.0 / 5

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It helps to watch films like these along with kids.you get the right perspective on it. i took along my 5 year old nephew. after the end of the film. me : " picture kaisi lagi?" he : " Khali achcha tha" me : "Aur?" he : "Khali achcha tha". even he couldn't think of anything else which he liked in the film.

The biggest con of this film is that Khali is in a special appearance and when he appears for the first time he blabbers lines like " free your mind, play the game". in one of it's poster everyone is in silhouette except Khali. bechara hero bhi silhouette mein. if he knew he is gonna end up like that he wouldn't have spent so much time and energy building his muscles. the film begins with the logo animation identical to Dream works of a production house called God Willing Productions ( I am not Kidding). the basic premise is somewhat like Narnia. in this one 6 kids enter into a video game and arrive in a period 1800 years before gaming. the rest does not matter because the director himself doesn't know if he wanted to make his version of Tarzan or a video game kind of a film. also to justify the saviour part in the title he has a scene where the hero is crucified like Jesus Christ and the kids sing a song around him. the screenplay is so taxing that at times you feel you are trapped in the game itself and desperately await for escape. whoever wrote the dialogues for the kids should go back to the kindergarten of film writing. the dialogues comes across as written for teenagers. none of the kid is like able. Tanushree Dutta is happy thinking that she is doing some kind of a Lara Croft role.

Final Few words : i was so bored that when i heard that Khali's name in the film is Wali. i started singing Khali Wali Khali wali Khali Wali ( In my head of course). you get the drift?

Rating : * ( Bakwaas)

Ticket Meter : 110/- ( watch Khali on Big Boss if you are his fan)

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