Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

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Directed by : Luv Ranjan

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The Pyaar Ka Punchnama gang is back and this time with a slightly different offering. With Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, director Luv Ranjan presents a comedy yet again. While Titu is admittedly in love in Sweety and is getting married to her, Sonu as a protective friend feels the need to save him for he feels the girl is too perfe...more


“You know how it is, Luv Ranjan’s movies are funny, offensively funny!”

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Kartik Aaryan


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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Audience Review

An entertaining one-time watch.

| by Smita Vyas Kumar |
Rated 3.0 / 5
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This is a breezy one time watch from Luv Ranjan who gave us the delightful Pyar ka Punchnama and the sort of delightful Pyar ka Punchnama 2.

Titu is a diehard romantic who keeps falling in love with girls who is best friend Sonu thinks are totally unsuitable for him. The problem is that Sonu is possessive of Titu who has been living with Sonu’s family since his mother passed away when he was a child. He believes no girl can be good enough for his bro. He successfully manages to break up a two-year relationship that Sonu is in but finds himself up against a tough adversary when he meets Sweety. She seems like a perfect woman, but he cannot accept that anyone can be so perfect. He is convinced that something is not right about her and tries his best to break up the upcoming wedding, including getting the ex-back into the picture. Does friendship win or romance? You can watch this movie to find out.

The premise of the story is interesting but once the battle lines are drawn between Sonu and Sweety, the movie tends to drag a bit. There are too many scenes and incidents where they try to outdo each other, and you start getting a bit impatient after a while with their little games and ruses. Also, there are times when you can’t quite understand why the two old men in the family who look like they are on Sonu’s side do not attempt to do anything to help him. If they think that Sweety isn’t the right person for the only grandson in the family then why are they content to watch the fun from the sidelines?

But I don’t think we need to ask these kinds of practical questions in a movie like this. There is a certain irreverence in the tone of the movie and a light-hearted approach to everything that immediately negates the need for much logic in anything. The characters of this movie inhabit a charmed sort of world and there is really no need to build any characters or backstory to anyone. The story is not important here. It is just a peg on which to hang the gags that come regularly your way through the movie to keep you entertained.

The second half is definitely more interesting than the first half as the battle hots up between the friend and the fiancé and keeps you wondering who Titu will choose.  The songs slow down the pace considerably and most of them could have been dispensed with pretty easily.

This is a Kartik Aaryan movie totally. As Sonu, the possessive and fiercely protective friend who plots and plans to let not let any woman get near his friend, he is funny, but a streak of vulnerability runs through his character which makes you still side with him. Nusrat Bharucha seems very plastic in her role which makes the character of Sweety look very false. Since she looks so artificial it’s easy for us to not have any sympathy for her and side with Sonu in his quest to separate the two. Sunny Singh Nijjar’s Titu is a sweet, decent bloke with a heart of gold and an easily influenced mind. He provides enough of a blank slate for Kartik to play around with. Alok Nath and a whole bunch of established actors play Titu’s family and provide the scaffolding on which the movie can build itself.

This movie is a strict one-time watch for the laughs. Do not look for too much logic in it but just go along with the goings-on and you will be entertained.  

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