Vodka Diaries

Vodka Diaries

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Directed by : Kushal Srivastava

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Vodka Diaries is a thriller set in the present day Manali and revolves around a local club with the same name. The film stars Kay Kay Menon, Mandira Bedi and Raima Sen in lead roles.


“This Vodka Diary is only as good as a cheap booze”

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Kay Kay Menon


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Vodka Diaries Audience Review

The cheaters have it.

| by Dev Raj Gulati |
Rated 1.0 / 5
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For 90 percent of the running time,the viewer doesn't understand what's going on? It's at the fag end that one connects the dots.
What's Vodka Diaries all about?
Rishi Gautam( Kay Kay Menon),married to Shika( Mandira Bedi),is awarded for his mystery novel Redemption of a Murderer.Here in the author talks about mysterious killings of all those characters who had cheated on their confidants.
The fictional character of ACP Ashwin Dixit( Kay Kay Menon again) is created.His job is to unravel the imaginary murders.He's assisted by his side kick Ankit(Sharab Hashmi,remember Filmistan).Is he able to solve the puzzle?
Not sure though.The presentation and editing is unclear.The viewer has to guess for one self.For god sake have mercy on the poor viewer.
Raima Sen( Roshni Banerjee,a mysterious woman in a club Vodka Diaries and a psychologist) and Mandira Bedi( Shika,twice over) and others appear in cameos.
Kay Kay Menon appears in all scenes.A talent waisted .It's not clear whether the 'deaths' and 'investigation'take place in a single night or are spread over several.?
Better avoid the pain to understand the unclear ' plot'.