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  • Crook its not good but not bad either

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - October 08, 2010 14:04 PM IST
    3.2DM (683 ratings)
    Crook - It's Good to be BadRelease date : October 08, 2010

    Vishesh Films have been trying for long to find a balance and cater to both the so called multiplex and the smaller centre audience. For once they should make a movie for what it is rather than try and please both sides.

    Crook is Mohit Suris 6th film in a span of 6 years. Thats almost one film a year. He has been choosing his subjects wisely, like he made Kalyug when the mms scandals were quite hot (pun unintended). This time he has tried to tell a story about the good in all of us against the backdrop of the recent attacks on Indians in Australia. The writer Ankur Tewari weaves a personal story around what happened in Australia but in trying to justify that story makes a mess of it in the second half. Arjan Bajwa & Kavin Dave's character graph makes the film laughable towards the end. Mohit Suri keeps the audience engaged for a while but there so many tracks to the story that you end up not connecting with even a single one of them which includes an unnecessary comedy track with a house full of Punjabis. By the end of the film you remain a passive viewer to whats happening on the screen. Emraan Hashmi seems very comfortable playing roles like these but a film like this required a bigger star and a better screenplay.

    I found certain similarities between Emraans character and Aamirs character in Ghulam. Fathers past, wants to sit on the fence, gets involved in something big & ends up becoming a hero. Neha Sharma is quite confident in her Hindi film debut. Her experience working in a Telugu film Chirutha opposite Ram Charan Teja must have worked for her. She is easy on the eye, resembles Shruti Haasan sometimes and is good with the emotional sequences. She doesnt get to do the dance routine in this one. Arjan Bajwa is good in the 1st half but goes ballistic in the 2nd half. Given a good role he is an actor to watch out for. Vishesh films needs to reinvent themselves. Except Jannat in 2008 and Raaz 2 in 2009 they havent had a success at the box office of late.

    Final few words: No Vishesh tippani for this one. Jaana hai toh jaao. AC ki hawa khao. Do ghante bitao aur Crook dekh ke aao.

    Rating: **

    Ticket Meter: 90 /- (not bad for that price)

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