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  • Manu Agrawal

    Manu Agrawal

    125 Reviews , 15 Followers
    Rated 0.5June 24, 2011

    Jalebi - Bye Bye

    When the first thing that the Director has to offer you is Kangna Ranaut's cleavage, it has to go downhill from there. I mean, they are so in your ...read more

  • Shaikh Mizba

    Shaikh Mizba

    2 Reviews
    Rated 2.5June 24, 2011

    LOvElY mOvIe !

    LOvElY mOvIe !

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati

    193 Reviews , 5 Followers
    Rated 2.0June 24, 2011

    Con banega crore pati?

    Double Dhamaal touts to be a comedy on conmen,who abound by the dozen in real life.Conmen and investors go together.Here there are two different se...read more

  • Tanvi Sinha Satyawadi
    Rated 2.5June 24, 2011

    waiting to see SRK in new avta

    waiting to see SRK in new avtar

  • Kamlesh Ahuja

    Kamlesh Ahuja

    95 Reviews
    Rated 4.0June 24, 2011

    Review of Double Dhamaal.

    Yet another sequel of a well-liked franchise makes it to cineplexes; this one's helmed by Indra Kumar, the King of Melodrama. The challenge evident...read more