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  • One's Own Story

    Payal Khanna

    Desimartini | Updated - April 29, 2011 13:14 PM IST
    2.9DM (242 ratings)
    I amRelease date : April 29, 2011

    Yes that's what the one line synopsis of I Am! It is one of those movies which cover different aspects of life through the eyes of four people. 'I Am' is not only a movie with strong narration but also the thought has been screened beautifully. Four main characters of the film deal with different issues that exist in today's world. All the stories have same subject i.e. declaration of ones own identity. Movie deals in strong concepts like child abuse, artificial insemination and homosexuality.

    Putting all the four stories in one movie is undoubtedly a task, which if not done properly can result in a disaster. Director Onir compiled all the stories very intelligently into one movie by attaching them with proper strings. It explains the importance of giving space to everyone and not measuring them on the terms of tradition. Though, we say that we live in a modern society where everyone has the liberty to live their life on their terms but still on many occasions the statement "This is not our traditional Value" is used. Still, being a single mother or being a gay are topics which are kept under covers.

    It's a movie about discovering yourself and coming out loud & clear about it. Full marks to Onir for showing such bold subjects and also for keeping the softness required for narrating a female's story. Nandita Das and Juhi Chawla were just fabulous. The way they are portrayed in the movie is just amazing. Two women of substance who say what the feel couldn't get any better than what is portrayed in 'I AM'. Their journey of exploring themselves is presented so subtly that you will feel as if you are with them on this journey.

    Stories of Sanjay Suri and Rahul bose are also presented in a fine way. Sajay who is still haunted by the memories of child abuse which he faced, takes 11 years to come out of them. Though, gay rights have been legalized but still homosexuality is a Taboo in India and this is exactly what Rahul Bose faces when he comes out of closet and reveals his choice of living life.

    Footer: Brilliant piece of work, every character is given its space but still is connected so appropriately that nothing looks out of way. It keeps you engaged and is highly thought-provoking.

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