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Jab Harry Met Sejal Review: The Big Movie That Falls Prey To A Weak Script!

  • Zinia Bandyopadhyay

    Zinia Bandyopadhyay (447,723 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 04, 2017 3:45 PM IST
    2.9DM (8007 ratings)

    Verdict - It is far from the best Imitiaz Ali Film, but nevertheless will make for a decent one time watch this holiday weekend!

    Jab Harry Met SejalWatch trailerRelease date : August 04, 2017

    If you love cinema in general and don't really watch films just for entertainment, chances are you love Imtiaz Ali. The man has brought a whiff of fresh air into Indian cinema with his films that explored the psyche of human in general. Not only did his films change the definition of love for us, but he also gave us a mirror where we could all see ourselves. Like always, I had very high hopes from Imtiaz Ali and with SRK and Anushka Sharma in it, I thought this would be a life altering experience probably. Maybe the expectations were way too high or rather unreal, but I was pretty disappointed!

    To begin with the film does have the signature Imtiaz Ali elements- journey to self discovery and love, dilemma of emotions and return to the roots. But then it had some major disconnect. Even with two powerhouse performers, the movie failed to keep us hooked to our seats! And despite everything, there could have been much better build-up. The characters looked under developed and while Harry's insecurities and feelings could still be understood, Sejal came out as a silly adamant kid who has no idea what she wants!

    In the span of the movie, there were so many scopes for character development but they were lost! The emotional turmoil, that Imtiaz excels in showing was suddenly not that gripping or involving. And that is where so many opportunities to turn the film into a movie that would fall into the league of Jab We Met were lost!

    Coming to the performances, SRK was in his best. There were so many emotion filled moments that required excellent craftsmanship that SRK pulled with ease and comfort. He became Harinder Singh Nehra, the lost and lonely man looking for an anchor! While we could still see SRK in Harry in a frame or two, he was overall great!

    Anushka Sharma was clearly the stronger performer though. She played Sejal with such spontaneity that it was a treat. She had the baggage of an under developed character which she carried very well. While she could have been better in the final scenes, she still managed to win our hearts!

    The music was a very big element in the film, and one of the reasons at times that you would drift away from the narrative. There were so many songs in the film that at some point I felt that this was a musical. But it isn't so! Most of the songs blended well, but some like Beech Beech Me was distracting and unnecessary.

    The cinematography was the best part in the film. TheEuropean locales were captured with perfection. Not just the sights, but the culture was also very well brought out. The film was like a European tourism ad, where you could see Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague and Portugal. It was definitely well shot, with all the colourful and charming frames.

    The film is definitely not one of the best Imtiaz Ali films. It would be disappointing for ardent fans to see Imtiaz not focus on the screenplay and to leave so many points where the film could have been elevated. But nevertheless, this is a good entertaining film that will make up for a decent watch this holiday weekend! You should definitely give this film a watch once!

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