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India's barefoot Padman.

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati (1,602 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 11, 2018 3:44 PM IST
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    Verdict - A film crusading women's cause.

    PadmanWatch trailerRelease date : February 09, 2018

    Another taboo subject .This time it's menstruation ( a biological process in a woman's body to pass through bad blood on a monthly basis).What are it's effects? The woman gets depressed during the periods.Feels a sense of guilt.Unhygienic protection may lead to health issues .Stays away from her kitchen duties and participation in social gatherings.Absenteeism from education and work place.
    Statistically speaking 50 percent are women.Asence of 5 days each month results in a loss of two month's in working span in a year.Also since only 5percent of women use sanitary napkins ,there's a huge market to be tapped.
    Padman focuses on the social and economic issues resultant from menstruation.A man ( Lakshmi Kant Chauhan aka Akshay Kumar) plays the crusader in this women's cause.
    What are the consequences? Laksmikant and her spouse Gayatri( Radhika Apte) are made to seperate by the diktats of a Khap panchayat.A telephone call from Gayatri at the nick of time saves their marriage from drawing Lashmikant towards an urbane socialite in Sonam Kapoor.
    The outstanding shades ? The theme is socially relevant.Local low cost production of sanitary napkins is the need of the hour.It's door to door sale through the beneficiaries themselves generates employment.One must shun superstitions and instead empower women.Productivity increases ith the use of high quality pads.
    The spoken words are easily understood by the viewers.Presentation of the screenplay is simple and less awkward.Akshay Kumar has shone in his character of an illiterate but an obsessive crusading role despite being ridiculed and misunderstood throughout.
    The scene stealers - Akshay gifting a set of sanitary napkins to his married sister and a girl in her puberty; his speech at an UN forum to honour his achievements ,the scratching of a cardboard sheet by a dog and Sonam's withdrawing her grip from Akshay's hand when Gayatri calls Akshay.
    The box office success of Padman depends at the extent to which women audience get drawn to watch the movie through word of mouth publicity?
    Padman could be in contention for awards.It needs a tax exemption so that it's message reaches the desired segment.

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