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  • Running Shaadi Review: Cute and quirky

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 17, 2017 14:04 PM IST
    2.7DM (2101 ratings)

    Verdict - A sweet and entertaining love story.

    Running ShaadiWatch trailerRelease date : February 17, 2017

    Running Shaadi got into a controversy last week over it name. Shaadi.com objected to its name saying that it reflected badly on their website. As a result, every time a character says the name with the .com attached, his mouth becomes fuzzy and the word gets silenced. I don't think all that fuss was really worth it but it did get the movie some much needed publicity.

    Ram Bharose is a Bihari boy who works as a salesman in a large sari shop in Amritsar. He is in love with Nimmi, the daughter of the shop- owner and she loves him back in a slightly casual, need based way. When she decides he is not good enough for her he decides to have an arranged marriage, and in a temper also quits his job. A casual observation of a runaway marriage gone awry gives him the idea of setting up a website which will help eloping couples to get married. His friend and he set up a roaring business helping young couples and then Nimmi wants his help to elope. That takes up the rest of the movie.

    The story is told in a pretty no-nonsense no-frills manner. But it sometimes lacks in making up convincing reasons for the turn of events. For e.g. the basic reason why Ram Bharose sets up the website seems very weak, Nimmi's love for him seems shallow and the director seems confused about where he wants the story to go. This makes the pace a bit patchy with the story jumping ahead in fits and starts much like Ram's mamaji's scooter.

    Once Ram Bharosereaches Patna to get married, things start getting pretty interesting more so because the Director captures the ambience of the place and the niceties of two families meeting for a marriage with a fondness that makes the movie funny and warm.

    Taapsee Pannu as the 'bindaas' fun loving Nimmi is likeable. She has a casual air about her and bright shiny eyes that make you enjoy seeing her on screen. Arsh Bajwa as the friend and partner in business who prays to Bill Gates with an agarbatti et al shows good support. The clear winner for me was Amit Sadh as the simple guy in love with a far smarter girl. He has an inherent sincerity in him which made him well suited for this role. As a Bihari he comes into his own and makes the second half enjoyable.

    Running Shaadi is an entertaining one- time watch. It could have been edgier, it has the trappings but there is a bit of half heartedness about it. However, it is strewn with some very fuzzy moments that make you smile at young love and the crazy things it can make you do. If you are looking to take it easy over the weekend this will hit the right note.

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