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    Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 27, 2015 14:51 PM IST
    3.3DM (2366 ratings)

    Verdict - Hota Hai Shab o Roz Tamasha Mere Aage indeed

    TamashaWatch trailerRelease date : November 27, 2015

    Four stars for Tamasha…surely you think I jest my dear reader.

    But kiya hai hamari bhi ek story hai. My favourite part in JAB WE MET is when Geet, right after Aditya saves her from a life of penance (and some penury) at the Simla Working Women Hostel has a mini breakdown questioning her spontaneous approach towards life. Ali's heroines have made it a career of rescuing straight laced men from their middle of the path existence; but perhaps this was a moment of weary is the head that wears the crown of forever the princess saving the young prince in distress. And it leaves me bawling still.

    Ali's characters always seem to be on the verge of a breakdown, and there is a Sufi-sh "The World Is Your Oyster" (tum thoda gaadi ko garage se nikalo tou sahi) refrain that marks the soundtrack to his script. But imagine if you could all his lovely, flawed characters, and gorgeous, questionable life choices coming together in a tale--and you have TAMASHA. As I said I have a very personal , so perhaps subjective reading of TAMASHA and I realize each viewer will bring to it their own tale and where they are in life. For when earlier this week the media powerhouse Tina Brown and the Pakistani politician Sherry Rahman spoke of Partition 3.0 -and their hopes from a generation that did not witness the moral quagmire of that time; I silently disagreed and as TAMASHA played out there was some kind of vindication -- forget questions of intercommunal harmony, there is a discourse of responsibilities , life (but whose life is it) choices and thwarted dreams that makes my generation schizophrenic still.

    So, TAMASHA. Our TAMASHA begins in a very Rushdiesque Simla--a hill town with a thousand tales; and Piyush Mishra as a dastango plays a sutradhar to this nautanki, first as he reels in a young Ved with his web of stories and later revealing who the true playwright to the story of our life is. I see a return of his Prithvi Bana who had us enthralled in GULAAL and I am so glad that he took on this project. Deepika as the oracular Tara who opens the Pandora Box that is a tightly wound up Ved is intriguing but I wish we knew more of her story. Perhaps when the curtain rises again for these characters?

    Imtiaz Ali makes Dehi look a brooding, brownstoned New York in fall but not before the spirit of Dipakar Banerjee descends on this segment of the tamasha--of all the one more but replaceable cog in the wheel that is our modern existence, of the aam aadmi in this big nagariya, sigh! Such a beautiful take. And never has an autorickshaw wallah after Snehal Dabi in MAST captured my heart so. Seriously, every one of us has a story.

    But in the end the legacy of TAMASHA will be as a recruitment pamphlet for Dastangoi. Chalo, yahi sahi.

    And I haven't yet told you about Javed Sheikh, my first crush and how he has taken to pater familias the stern patriarch that stomps on a young Ved's dreams but wo sab bhi ba'ad mai OK.

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