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Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

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Directed by : Elizabeth Banks

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Charlie's Angels is a trio of detectives who work for a private detective agency based out of California

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Kristen Stewart


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The Angels Are Back In Full Throttle

Rated 3.0 / 5
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It is no secret that Charlie and his angels have taken the world by storm and by storm I mean an à la mode whirlwind . Sassy Feet flying in the air, manicured sucker punches flinging past desperados and dapper wigged women scissoring ventures in high heels. In Elizabeth Banks’s version of this 70’s hit show, the girls lose their heels to show us some krav maga and corner the bad guys in solidarity. Little did we know that Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (Naomi Scott as Elena Houghlin), Bella from Twilight (Kristen Stewart as Sabina Wilson) and Ella Balinska (as Jane Kano) could join forces to form a perfectly polished
set of millennial angels. The plot they hatch entertains despite the mediocre story line.

The story brings us to Rio de Janiero where, Sabina spangles the opening scene in her champagne pink dress, all dolled up on a candle light dinner table strangling her date ((Chris Pang as Jonny Smith). She lures him and captures him with the help of Jane under the presumption of smuggling. Her team works in unison under John Bosley (Patrick Stewart) and accomplishes the mission. Their globe-trotting adventure continue as programmer, Elena Houghlin’s Callisto a sustainable energy device displays a dangerous glitch in its system. Elena rendezvous Edgar Bosley (Djimon Hounsou) to turn in the evidence stating that Calista could threaten the world if fallen into wrong hands but they are interrupted by an armed intruder who is later identified as an assassin. Their escapade involves a trip to Istanbul where they track down Elena’s superior, Flemming with the help of Ebekah Bosley (Elizabeth Banks) to retrieve callisto.

The angels scuffle through a quarry where they stumble upon Johnny and the assassin who eventually manage to escape without a trace. With one criminal leading to another, the girls find themselves in awry giving Ebekah Bosley the benefit of the doubt. This is followed by a blast in which Elena finds herself with retired lieutenant John Bosley while Sabina and Jane bond over an injury at the hospital. Sabina and Jane unite in full throttle to find Elena and stop the Callisto deal. Will they succumb or will they succeed?

The angels got the swagger, they are charming, devious, intelligent and mischievous. If I would have to choose my favourite among the three it would be Kristen Stewart’s character, Sabina Wilson. It clearly seemed like the heiress had the time of her life sweeping through the roads on her horse back or even her funky motorbike. And boy! Did her outfits match her rides. Naomi Scott’s character fleetingly embarks on a new journey as an angel which has more potential than the original plot. Her character lacks depth as a tech savvy programmer. Ella Balinska masters her combat moves and does justice to her former MI6 reference. A special shout out to the Assassin whose well-rounded action set pieces kept the show running.

Charlie’s Angels is a movie with numerable memorable moments to take home thanks to a female director who confidently tells a story about women. That being said, a few sour instances were difficult to neglect, especially the dead body jokes which were a bummer.

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