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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

3.2 483 Ratings

Directed by : Kenneth Branagh

Release Date : | Length : 105 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.9/5
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Based on the CIA analyst created by espionage master Tom Clancy, 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' is a blistering action thriller that follows Ryan from his quiet double-life as a veteran-turned-Wall Street executive to his all-out initiation as a hunted American agent on the trail of a massive terrorist plot in Moscow.


“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is not a game-changing reboot but offers sleek action and a spy story interesting enough to warrant a watch.”

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Credit & Casting

Chris Pine

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Audience Review

Guns, Knives, Fights, 9/11, CIA but meh!

Rated 3.0 / 5

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So Jack Reacher is almost a James Bondish spy. He fights, romances, goes undercover, protects his nation & is involved in plenty of chases and blowups. The difference is, Jack is more emotional while Bond is cooler.

In this new version, Ryan is a student in England who witnesses the Twin Towers Burn on TV & thereafter decides to devote himself to the protection of his country from all enemies. Ryan gets injured in Afghanistan & is recruited into the CIA to do some analytical work. His role changes to undercover on Wall Street where he discovers that the Russians are conspiring to crash the American economy. He heads to Moscow to investivgate & the master mind, Viktor orders from Ryan to be eliminated.

My issue is not with the archaic plot but throwing in the kidnap of the girlfriend is as unoriginal as it gets.

I enjoy such films but there are too many more to watch.

Also, the casting of the villian is completely off as this kind of a film required a more larger than life menacing Bond type villian which Kenneth Branagh fails to do.

The film also takes the audience to be quite gullible as set piece after set piece passes by with random people banging on their keyboards giving Ryan access to anything and everything.

All in all, this film will be out on home video before you know it & with American Hustle hitting theaters today, I dont see any reason whatsoever to watch anything else. I know I am for the 2nd time.

Jack Ryan is entertaining and exciting in parts but doesnt quite match up to the Bourne & Bond series, who have truly define the espionage thriller genre. Its a decent effort thats best seen on DVD.

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