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SOUTHPAW is the story of Billy "The Great" Hope, Junior Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World. When tragedy strikes and he loses it all, Billy enters the battle of his life as he struggles to become a contender once again and win back those he loves. SOUTHPAW stars Academy Award® nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, Academy Award® wi...more


“Jake Gyllenhaal's compelling performance drowns in Southpaw's mediocrity as a film. ”

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The Injured Southpaw

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Southpaw has the capacity to make you cheer for jaded gold. In a 'been-there-done-that' plot, Antoine Fuqua tries hard to put up an impressive fight.

Champion boxer Billy Hopes wins yet another World Lightweight Championship only after sustaining an eye injury. Looking at his condition, his wife Maureen advises him to retire at the peak of his glory.

Soon after, at one of the charity events that he attends, he is provoked into a fight by budding boxer Escobar and Maureen gets shot by his brother Hector, who flees away. Billy loses control and hunts down Hector's wife and family and decides to let go. By now, he has already surrendered himself to drugs and alcohol and also ends up beating up a referee at a subsequent match that he loses.

Billy now loses his license to fight and his wealth and the custody of his daughter, Leila to the Child Protective Services. Instead, he is advised anger management classes and is under behavioral supervision.

The only way to win back his daughter and everything that he has lost (except Maureen) is by getting himself out of depression and fighting the odds. For which he meets his new buddy and coach Titus 'Tick' Willis.

It's a battle of life and death!

Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job as Billy Hope. He is convincing, menacing and the perfect family guy. After all, it's all about fighting for the ones you love. Forest Whitaker is the man you'd vouch for when Jake heads towards his battle with depression, looking for a better road.

That scene when Tick breaks down on Hoppy's death is indeed one of the finest moments of the film.

Southpaw has some kickass fights and nasty visuals, enticing screenplay and yet the cliches and predictability kill the film's impact. While you may enjoy the climax sequence particularly, there isn't a unique element that comes with this package.

The last fight manages to put you at the edge of your seat, despite of the expected result.

Much credit goes to the taking and treatment of the film, not to forget the pacey scripting and the apt and appealing sound track that adds much life to the film. There is an undeniable charm to the stories of a broken man who fights back hard to find his glory.

Southpaw is definitely a one-time watch, even if you're a girl who doesn't enjoy boxing!

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