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Tarbosaurus 3D

Tarbosaurus 3D

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Directed by : Han Sang-Ho

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The story of Spotty, a curious and playful Tarbosaurus who is brought to harsh reality when he is torn away from his family after the evil Tyrannosaur, One- eye attacks them. Now Spotty has to face the wilderness of Jeonnam Yeosu with another separated Tarbosaurus, Blue Eyes. What does the future hold for Spotty?

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Goo Ja-Hyeong


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Revenge in the time of Dinosaurs

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Kids love dinosaurs, thats been a given since ages ago. Somehow these beasts from the past capture the imagination of most kids like few other things do. So Tarbosaurus 3D, a Korean CGI snooze-fest chronicling the tale of a dinosaur across his life attempts to succeed where Disney failed more than a decade ago with Dinosaur.

The Tarbosaurus was from the same family of the Tyrannosaur Rex, except the Tarbosaurus was found primarily in Asia while the Tyrannosaur roamed through much of what is today North America. Being from a Korean studio, they probably felt it best that they promote the local dinosaur as the hero, while the Tyrannosaur gets to be the bad guy, deep scar on eye and all included.

The story starts off with a tiny Tarbosaurus called Speckles who lives with his mother, brother and twin sisters. The days pass off well until his family is wiped out thanks to the actions of One-Eye, the evil Tyrannosaur. Now orphaned, Speckles survives thanks to his wits and some luck. As he grows, he keeps on running into One-Eye and hopes to gain revenge upon his terrible foe. He also finds a mate called Blue-Eyes whom he starts a family with. One-Eye however has it in for poor Speckles and crashes his party all the time bringing much grief every time.

Now Speckles is the only one who can speak in the movie, unless you count roaring and grunting as understandable forms of communication. So what he thinks, we hear, and much of it isnt any good. Hes either blabbering away like reading off from a kids bedtime story or providing information about various dinosaur species like reading from an encyclopaedia.

Anyone over the age of six is likely to get bored out of their minds by the end of it all. The effects are just about passable for a non-Hollywood production. Ive seen better effects in the BBC mini-series Planet Dinosaur with surprisingly more intriguing stories for an educational Television series.

Its best you avoid this movie altogether, theres nothing to recommend really.

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