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The Host

The Host

2.8 54 Ratings

Directed by : Andrew Niccol, Stephenie Meyer, Nick Wechsler

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Our world has been invaded by an unseen enemy. Humans become hosts for these invaders, their minds taken over while their bodies remain intact. Most of humanity has succumbed. When Melanie, one of the few remaining "wild" humans, is captured, she is certain it is her end. Wanderer, the invading "soul" who has been given Melan...more


“The Host has a poor script lacking in thrills, imagination or romance which makes it a tedious watch.”

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Saoirse Ronan

The Host Audience Review

Love is a LED light

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Stephanie Meyers comes up with another flick designed for a slobbering teenage audience. This time we don't have vampires but aliens who come to inhabit human bodies and fall in love with humans. The only way to tell if you are talking to an alien is by his luminous grey eyes. That the humans who are in hiding can disguise themselves effectively wearing grey contact lenses is something that may strike you in the beginning. If it does, ignore the voice in your head if you don't want to get that sinking feeling of having wasted your money.

But you can't ignore the voice of Melanie who is trapped in her own body that has been taken over by the alien called Wanderer. So you have this voice having a conversation all the time with the alien, in the same voice (since they are both in the same body).

Of course, there will be a triangle or rather a quadrangle between the human boy, the trapped voice, another human boy and the alien in the human body. Work out the alien/human combinations possible, multiply by two and you have the number of kissing scenes in the movie.

Stephanie Meyer's heroines have a special vacuous expression on their faces as if they are tortured souls (just remember Kristen Stewart In The Twilight series to know what I am saying). This one is no different. Maybe here it's justified since she is an alien and all whose actual form is a bunch of LED lights. You don't expect LED lights to smile or weep do you?

The dialogues are priceless. There are gems like " when you touch me, I don't want you to stop," which will be lapped up by teenagers to use on their next date.

Well, when you are in Stephanie Meyer land you know what to expect right? Some surreal stuff, some romance and some conflict before it all prepares for a sequel. My experience was made more surreal by the Amisha Patel ad for Glamstar sunglasses followed by Sunny Leone in the Manforce condom ad and rounded off perfectly by the Vicco Vajradanti ad. Ask Meyers to beat that.

If you are not a teenager go only for the LED light alien. It will make you smile for weeks. Really.

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