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Valentine's Night

Valentine's Night

2.6 399 Ratings

Directed by : Kirshan Kumar, Baadal

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  • MJ Rating 1.5/5
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It is the story of four people who meet on a social networking website. Coincidentally they have all had their break ups recently. They decide to leave this pain of separation behind and meet on the Valentines Night. There is loyalty test, there are mistakes committed and what happens thereon is quite an adventure. Each gets ...more


“Scripting, acting, editing or direction, there is no element in this film that makes it watchable or should we say, bearable! Skip it at all costs!”

Valentine's Night Audience Review

This cannot be called cinema

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The first thought in your mind after you watch Valentine's Night is that of utter disbelief. Disbelief that a movie this appalling actually got made and that too by two directors.

Five strangers on a common Facebook group break up from their respective partners on a valentine's night and decide to meet up (to what i am assuming is celebrate) on the night of love. They hire a stretch limo (which perhaps is the worst garish car ever seen on screen) and go on a long drive all over Delhi. Predictably enough, durgs booze and a murder happen and all hell breaks lose (literally for the audience) as the movie progresses to its utterly unwatchable climax.

The film "stars" (for the lack of a better word) rank new comers and a few known wanna be starlets like Payal Rohtagi. Needless to say, performances are not the strong point here, with every actor seemingly in the race for the worst performance of the century.

Scenes abruptly cut and jump to something totally different. Actor's clothes change midway through the same scene. And as if one sad main plot was not enough there is a side story of a kidnapping and a gangster having a change of heart.

The story (i really can't completely decide if there ever was one) is told in such a dreadfully boring fashion that you would rather take slow poison and bear the pain. And just as you would think nothing can get worse than the drivel on screen comes Rakhi Sawant and her yawn inducing item song called Gayi Sandh Pani Mein.

Stay clear if you love your life and value your sanity.

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