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    Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 08, 2016 15:41 PM IST
    2.8DM (330 ratings)

    Verdict - If you have a choice, I would say pull the plug on it.

    The ChoiceWatch trailerRelease date : February 05, 2016

    The Choice is so American; I suspect the publicity material come with their own blue passports.

    The scenery is pretty, the banter comes with an accent---it is pretty much more of the same that reeled us in to all things Americana when we were kids, and well again it is a particular kind of Americana. You know extremely straight teeth, straighter and shinier hair, where anyone who doesnt come strawberry blonde and peaches and cream should still LOOK out of Abercombie&Fitch; and not someone who spent a considerable part of the day eating Southern Fried.

    So a med student who shows more chemistry and charm smarming up to potential fathers in law is kind of caught up between which Daddy Dearest suits her finer and has us kind of confused between what The Choice was all about (though when it comes to choice and female agency this lady scores a zero...seriously! it is kind of rich to label it a case of choosing your destiny if you have said no to a man on his knees three times but he still takes it upon himself LArki Ki Naa Mai Bhi Iqrar Hai and have himself qabool haied).

    And then the movie throws in a googly and goes hey! its actually about another choice the protagonist has to make...which is also kind of a fail when THE WOMAN HAS SIGNED A DNR. Seriously? Is there no amount of agency and free choice you will allow the woman.

    Sorry, I dont like a side of the Bible Belt when I head out to the movies so I will advise you to sit this one out.

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