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  • Clever and Shallow at the same time

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 06, 2014 14:59 PM IST
    3.7DM (1509 ratings)

    Verdict - An interesting watch with decent graphics and a sense of hidden story somewhere

    Edge of TomorrowWatch trailerRelease date : June 06, 2014

    Edge of Tomorow is a rare sci-fi film in recent times that merges history with futuristic fantasy, subverts what really happened in the past overlaying it with a thick coating of imporbable flights of fantasy. Director Doug Liman's Tom Cruise starrer delivers good action, decent graphics and exhilarating edge of the seat moments.

    Cruise is a soldier, in times where the world is facing an alien invasion and is at the brink of extinction. He dies, awakens just a day before he died, only to repeat the cycle of waking up and dying over and over again. Why does this happen is an answer that would spoil out a lot of the films secrets, i'd rather you go watch it for yourself, for here we have some really smart explanation as a back story, which on the face of it is stupid and shallow, yet works perfectly well in the film. Based loosely on the novel "All you need is kill", the film unravels at a brisk pace drawing you into itself.

    The core of the film rests on Cruise's coming back to life again and again. Fitting that into the narrative on one hand gives us the thrill of intelligent story telling, but at the same time prevents us from investing emotionally into the proceeding. Especially in the case of the lead pair, Blunt and Cruise, one never really gets to feel their passion, their chemirsty never really gets a chance. If this were a film made back home, I would bet on SRK donning the lead, and he would be able to add the romance where needed. Sadly Cruise lacks that charm and is more coninvcing as a confused warrior/weapon that he is made out to be in the film.

    Edge of Tommorrow stops short of being a great film also because of the shortcomings in its direction. After a point, all that one sees is action. The backstory, the core lacks imagination. The director lacks a sense of vision that could have taken the film to the next level. Everyone seems very happy with exploiting the charisma and gravity Cruise brings to an action film. Yet, with his progressing age and digressing looks, that is not enough.

    Nonetheless, the film is a fun watch if one is looking just for some adrenaline rush. Watch it in imax 3D and one wouldnt complain either, if you have deep pockets that is. Else catch it on a regular screen its the same fun to be had.

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