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It was a creepy movie not horror.

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    Desimartini | Updated - October 04, 2019 1:31 PM IST
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    It – Chapter TwoWatch trailerRelease date : September 04, 2019

    I'm every nightmare you've ever had. I'm your worst dream come true. I'm everything ever were afraid of.

    So the clown is back again in Derry after 27 years, the clown who used to haunt the children. The clown from whom every child used to fear and wanted to stay away. In the second chapter when all the friends are far away from Derry, but it's only MIKE who still leaves there, waiting for "IT". In 27 years everyone has changed a lot and have accidentally a lot in their lives, but Mike didn't want it, he was waiting for IT and wanted to kill it and this time forever so it could never return.

    When Mike saw that IT has returned and also had left a message for them saying "COME HOME".

    Mike as mentioned earlier who remained in Derry, puts out calls to Bill, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, Ben, and Stanley. They are scattered, memories tattered, but the PENNYWISE the dancing clown is ready to greet them all. In the first chapter, we saw that Stanley is the guy who is afraid of everything. After hearing that Pennywise clown had returned, so he committed suicide.

    When all the friends are back to Derry their they got to know that why exactly are they here. They try to forget it all and wanted to continue with the enjoyment of their reunion, but no! Where they were celebrating their reunion strange things started happening with them. The fortune cookie revealed to them that something had happened to Stanley, which none of them wanted to believe and Beverly called at the place of Stanley's were his wife told them that Stanley is dead. It was only Ben, who knew that Beverly is hiding something. So when they were back to the hotel where they were all living Beverly revealed to them after leaving Derry. She's started having nightmares that everyone will die when they all will return to Derry and how they would die. No one was believing Beverly until Bill made it clear to them that whatever she's saying is somewhat connected to them.

    And Mike showed the truth to Bill and from childhood or say from the first part of the movie we see that everyone believes in Bill.

    As everyone was trying their hard to defeat the clown, by collecting all their articles that was attached to them from the first part of the movie, when the collected it all they all go to the same house from where all it was started to defeat the clown and to take the revenge of Stanley's who is no more among them.

    We see that the clown doesn't haunt them but scares them all in a creepy way. And the ritual that was told by Mike to defeat the clown, it didn't work properly as they didn't know that how should they end the ritual. And that's when the clown revealed that whoever tried this ritual they all die, by the end of the ritual about which only Mike knew he didn't tell this to everyone because then no one would be ready for the ritual.

    As the clown was overtaking upon them, due to the fear of clown then they realized that it's the fear because of which the clown is undefeatable. And then they revealed that they don't fear him and it's then the clown start becoming weak and every one revealed that they don't fear the clown anymore because it's not haunted anymore. It's just creepy which don't scare them anymore.

    By the end, Ben secret letter for Beverly is revealed and the letter goes like this "YOUR HAIR IS WINTER FIRE JANUARY EMBERS. MY HEART BURNS THERE TOO".

    In chapter 2 is an ass-numbing two hours 50 minutes, which is longer than chapter one, proving the adage that less is definitely more. The dragging pace diminishes the film's ability to hold the audience in its grip. And also there are endless flashbacks to the character as kids.

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    It was a creepy movie not horror.

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