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Joker character was portrait so well, that one can connect it to their daily life.

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    Joker(2019)Watch trailerRelease date : September 30, 2019

    "IT'S JUST ME OR IS IT GETTING CRAZIER OUT THERE?" These are the line said by ARTHUR FLECK ( JOAQUIN PHOENIX) who act as a joker in the movie. At the starting of the movie, we see a CLOWN standing at the restaurant with a signboard and the clown was doing his usual work like playing with the signboard and making people laugh. But this happy scene didn't last long as all of a sudden few children come and snatched the signboard from the clown and those kids started betting the clown, as the clown was chasing them, to have back his signboard.

    We also see that Fleck is having a talk with the doctor regarding his medication as he has a problem that he starts laughing whenever he's nervous or sad or something negative is affecting him. And at this part of the movie it really does give you goosebumps as in the starting scene with the doctor Fleck tries so hard to smile and laugh just to forget his sadness and what all that happened to him. And expresses to the doctor that the people out there have changed a lot and everyone is busy with their work and don't have the time to enjoy. Seeing all this Fleck says to the doctor, " is it just me or is it getting crazier out there " Fleck lives with his mother who is very old and takes care of her.

    We also see in the movie that Fleck's mother always says to him that did you checked the mail? Because THOMAS would not be happy if he sees us in this condition.

    Fleck is caring and wanted to make everyone happy around him. But none respected him or looked at him. The place where he used to work they were also working as a clown among who was RANDALL, the guy who gave Fleck a pistol for his own protection as he knew very much that how people used to treat him and he couldn't do anything.

    As Fleck worked as a clown he wasn't allowed to have a pistol with himself and he was given a task in the children hospital were he had to make the children laugh and to feel happy, while he was doing so, his pistol fell off about which the company was informed and they fired him and listening to this he was sad and depressed, his way to his house he sees that there were three men who were teasing a girl when he saw this he did try to protect the girl but couldn't his problem of laughing started again, which he wasn't able to control although the girl was saved but not him, he was brutally beaten up by those men. And this time for a change he stood for himself and killed those men and ran away. The news did spread to the nation like a fire some did support him while some didn't and from that very incident, the clown was famous among all.

    In the mid part of the movie, we see that Fleck had started his career as a stand-up comedian and his video does go viral. But during this phase of his life, his mother was admitted to the hospital and he gets to know that how he's exactly linked with THOMAS WAYNE and BRUCE WAYNE. He treated Bruce as his younger brother and called Thomas Wayne his dad. Yes! It's true that Fleck is somehow connected to Bruce and Thomas Wayne.

    But when Thomas Wayne stated to Fleck that he was the ADOPTED SON and his mother had some mental issues he couldn't tolerate that and why he himself is having some health issues, he also gets to know about that which was heartbroken for him and for this he killed his own mother in the hospital after that he also killed RANDALL, because he was the reason why Fleck got fired from his job. After all this Fleck's behavior changed a lot.

    After all, this happened he was invited to a TV show for his viral video. And he told the host of the show to introduce him as JOKER, while the show was going on the shot the host of the show while the show was being broadcast on the television. Why he shot the host for this you have to watch the movie because for that very moment Fleck was known as Joker and people supported him for what he did.

    Fleck isn't obviously incited by a crime-busting superhero but by social realities loaded heavily against his ilk, people who are easy to paint into a corner and crush. For all the numbingly abominable violence that he unleashes when rage gets the better of him, he morphs into an inadvertent rallying figure for those that have been hung out to dry by rapacious stockbrokers and insensitive administrators. Fleck has been dealt a terrible hand. As he sinks into insanity as a result, he makes common cause willingly with others who are similarly down in the dumps.

    By the end of the movie, their's a scene where we see that Thomas Wayne and his wife are shot down by one of the followers of Fleck and Bruce was left unharmed, which you can relate to the movie of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (opening scene).

    The movie is good and much more than the expectation Fleck played with stunning aplomb by JOAQUIN PHOENIX, Does not have a fight on his hands. It is so extreme that it drives the mentally fragile man over the edge. After seeing the movie one would surely say the same as the Joker said, "I JUST DON'T WANT TO FEEL BAD ANYMORE".

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    Joker character was portrait so well, that one can connect it to their daily life.

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