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  • Nightcrawler: Movie Review

    Merkwürdige Liebe

    Desimartini | Updated - November 12, 2014 03:04 AM IST
    3.5DM (169 ratings)

    Verdict - A gripping character study but doesn’t quite do justice to all topics it touches upon.

    NightcrawlerWatch trailerRelease date : November 07, 2014

    ‘Nightcrawler’ begins with cityscape shots of the exquisite looking night-time Los Angeles; but as the film progresses, we realize that the atmosphere which its lush-looking visual palette exudes is palpably ugly, even scary. Jake Gyllenhal stars as Louis Bloom, a maniac aspiring to climb up the success ladder without caring much about the casualties he may cause while on the way. What makes him so chilling is the eerie restraint he displays. He doesn’t blink much in this movie, and even when he’s in casual conversations such as those with Nina (Rene Russo), he conveys a sense of an abysmally hollow mind trying to find ways to use everyone who comes in his way as a commodity. While roaming around one night, he discovers that a career can be made out of videographing ghastly incidents in the city such as carjacking and murder. Given the nature of his character, it’s not to long before he tries to manipulate the police and set up a sensational crime scene the footage of which he can exclusively obtain. The movie also cosplays as a satire of the media in a corporate, capitalistic world where every real-world tragedy is packaged and sold to the people as narratives, but this dynamic is far too familiar by now, and Gilroy doesn’t really have much of a point to make with the “media satire” angle. To the film’s credit, we never quite figure out Louis Bloom and the anticipation of what he’ll do next keeps you consistently engaged. Although his decisions and his acts are obviously morally corrupt, we can’t help but take wicked excitement as he sets on one particularly horrific endeavor; and this particular sequence, which I’ll refrain from describing for the fear of giving out spoilers, is remarkable in how it mixes and juggles several tones and coalesces into a very gripping whole. The film has plenty of immediate pleasures; but it’s ironic how it caters to the same perverse part of our minds (that which is responsible for us finding thrill in watching the narrative about a character so dangerous and rotten from within) which it chooses to satirize via its portrayal of the media.

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