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Release Date : | Length : 129 Minutes

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Aatagara is an action movie directed by K. M. Chaitanya and stars Chiranjeevi Sarja in the lead role


“ Nothing really works with Aatagara. ”

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Chiranjeevi Sarja


Aatagara Audience Review

A lost game even before it kicks off

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Here was a director on whom one had high hopes. Having delivered a delectable take on Bengaluru's underworld in Aa Dinagalu, one trooped into Aatagara expecting an encore. However, Chaitanya seems to have lost his mojo in the interval between Aa Dinagalu and Aatagara.

His latest visit to the movie marquee with a mystery story inspired by classic Agatha Christie story Then There Were None, Chaitanya simply misses the woods for the trees.

Instead of giving his avid fans a winner that they would savour and applaud the director in Chaitanya, he woefully makes a mish-mash of the superlative subject into a mock Reality TV show and a social treatise on how money bags hoodwink the law and common people and justice never prevails.

How a motley crowd of ten people, all with a criminal background, are transported to an isolated isle and are sniped one by one by a man who takes law into his own hand, forms the fulcrum of Aatagara.

Right from the needless build up of Chiranjeevi Sarja to having his female protagonists in the skimpiest of dresses, and dialogues that are aimed at the mass crowd, Chaitanya dashes the discerning audiences as also his own cultivated sense of class cinema. Sad. For it is directors like Chaitanya who gave a new dimension to Kannada cinem. It seems he too has been sucked into the commercial claptrap. Taken as a whole nothing really works with Aatagara.

While the ten players come across as amateurs, the film's background score and Sathya Hegde's caressing cinematography fail to elevate an otherwise film which is fighting a lost cause right from the word go.

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