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Neenaade Naa

Neenaade Naa

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Neenaade Naa is a drama-romance directed by Kandhas and stars Prajwal Devaraj in the lead role


“Neenaade Naa has a well executed and refreshing solid script. With melodic songs, stunning visuals and commendable performances, the movie entertains. Worth a watch!”

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Prajwal Devaraj

Neenaade Naa Audience Review

Honest, heart warming

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Like a whiff of welcome breeze comes Neenaade Naa. Warming the cockles of one's heart, athirst for some meaningful commercial film. Devaraj and family prove the dictum: Where there is a will there is a way.

Staking their son Dynamic Prince Prajwal Devaraj's prospects at box office, they have truly shown grit that engagement and entertainment can meld to whip up magic at movies.

Of course, Neenaade Naa is rinsed in cliched and formulaic elements - below the belt comedy, mandatory songs, drunken binges, and heroic fights.

Compromising to idolatry fans and pandering suit to their expectations. However, couched in this commercial claptrap, director Kandhas ensures the film does not lose its pivotal premise. Giving its two women protagonists the respectability they rightly deserve and showing how they can be achievers.

For one who has woefully watched actresses as just accessories to draw the drooling masses, Neenaade Naa turns out an object lesson in how to work around a plot without sacrificing the sanctity of extolling women's virtues. Yes, Prajwal turns out a moralist preacher and a puritan, but then this does not belittle him as the star of the show. On the other hand, it shows how stars can and should work the script to their advantage in providing meaningful films, even as they are entertained.

In that one must appreciate actor Prajwal for bowing to director's sensitive script and underplay his part, never throwing any starry tantrums that would have spoiled the film's honest intensions.

Driving home the message that there is more to a relationship between a girl and a boy, which needs to be cultivated and nurtured on implicit trust, Kandhas ensures his two young women turn out aspiring, achieving adults than pretty babes for the hero to play sport with.

That the film is based on a true story and Kandhas has lived faithful to the reality with minimum of compromises makes it that much heartening. One only wishes more directors follow suit in the same direction so that there is a serious drift away from the thrash that is dished out and audiences turns out into appreciative and demanding film goers who will not tolerate dross in the name of entertainment. Indeed, at least, for this reviewer, Neenaada Naa turned out a surprise and promising watch kindling hopes that more such movies would follow suit in the weeks and months to come.

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