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Release Date : | Length : 138 Minutes

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Raate is an action movie directed by A. P. Arjun and stars Dhananjay in the lead role

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Mirroring the urban malaise

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Holding an uncompromising mirror to the festering rot under the shimmering surface of the city, A P Arjun's Rhaatee turns out a realistic take on modern day's urban rural divide.

How the rural folks, who see the city, as an El Dorado, are rudely shaken into reality when the city's seamy underbelly consumes them, and pay dearly with their lives, forms the fulcrum of Arjun's monumental Rhaatee.

A searing indictment of all that a city should not be nor be home to in its skewed development and overt capitalist occupations, Arjun, in Rhaatee, speaks of how a city has lost its soul and all-embracing social fabric with the sewer rates taking advantage of the gullible rustic folks.

In a way, Arjun's Rhaatee, also bespeaks of the disgusting depths the film industry has itself fallen in its celebration wanton violence to rake in the moolah impervious to the deleterious effects it is having on the psyche of the audiences.

Of course, Rhaatee, is perfect cinema. It does suffer from moments of ineptness given the script is not as wholesome it ought to be driven by the larger ramifications than the immediate results.

That Arjun knows his cinematic metier can be gauged by the way he has provided the otherwise insufferable comedian Bullet Prakash a pivotal part. As the two protagonists Raja and Rani through their sufferings negotiating the byzantine and blood-thirsty ways of the city bring Arjun brings out the harsh reality that has malevolently eroded the accommodative soul of the modern day urbanscape across the country where violence, rapes and the like have become de jure.

Arjun has also spared his own ilk as being responsible for some of the city's hydra of social problems in their blinkered mindset to hype up the star's onscreen status making him fight the society's scum not through legal framework but violence with violence.

As a social treatise on the all-around modern day malaise Arjun's Rhaatee can be termed as a harsh, realistic and disturbing film that needs to be watched and deeply thought about both by the audiences who grace it but also social analysts who discourse on various issues afflicting societies the world over.

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