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Directed by : Aadhiram

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A Kannada film directed by Aadhiram


“A risque, rancid romantic ride”

Ranathanthra Credit & Casting

Vijay Raghavendra


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Ranathanthra Audience Review

A risque, rancid romantic ride

Rated 0.5 / 5

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It seems director Aadhiram wanted to kill two birds in one stone. Invite audience into the excitement of a romance, the film's first half hour. Even as they warm up to the cupid caper the film takes a 360 degree turn. Not that as a romance the film was any engaging or exciting.
Full of suggestiveness and focus more on the femine body than a decent romance, Aadhiram, 30 minutes into the film it seems felt there should be sting in the tale. So from romance he takes one on a eerie, erotic thriller saga with a couple caught in the nocturnal visitations of a stalking sprite out on revenge not allowing them to consummate their first time.
Either which way, Aadhiram's Ranathanthra fails to have you in its thrall. All Aadhiram succeeds in doing is lull audiences into a soothing siesta in the air cooled theatres on a dog day afternoon to bet the heat outside.
In sum Ranathanthra is one heck of a film that simply teases and taunts audiences into hooting and howling as the events unfold in the dark night on an isolated island where is housed the haunted bungalow that the couple are conveyed for the trite thamasha that is foisted on you.

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