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Release Date : | Length : 152 Minutes

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Ranna is an action movie directed by Nanda Kishore and stars Sudeep in the lead role

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A right royal Kichcha show

Rated 2.5 / 5

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The Kannada industry may make much song and dance about remakes. But, in the absence of original true blue winner script, Sandalwood, has had no choice but to fall back upon the very hits from neighbouring states it roils about every once a while.

So this week you have Kichcha Sudeep reprising the title role in a remake of the Pawan Kalyan's Telugu box office hit Attarintiki Daredi (Which is the way to mother-in-law's house).

Well, needless to say, giving vision to the original and tweaking it to suit the local flavour is a game Kannada film-makers are familiar with. So you have Nanda Kishore faithfully following the original frame to frame while Sudeep plays footsie to his grandiose plans to hit paydirt at the boxoffice.

As to whether Ranna will make a kill like its Telugu predecessor is moot. However, Sudeep can take heart in the fact that his legion of loyal brigade lustily cheered and create pandemonium as he towered tall right through the 151.59 minutes of Ranna.

Marked by rich production values, but low on technical finesse quotient, Ranna has all the trapping a moth of a fan would dream off in a run of the mill commercial fare. Choicest of one-line dialogues, flamboyance of style, derring do daredevilry, and a song Tittli Tittle that has the audience crooning and jiving to it are Ranna's lifeline to have the fan club rooting for it.

As to whether other discerning filmgoers bite the bait to watch the same tripe the week-end after will tell its tale. Loud and ludicrous, sans any logic, but quite emotive in its dramaturgy, Ranna, if not for its rather longish screen time, should be bearable for one wanting to savour the air-conditioned comfort of the theatre be it to catch forty winks, earn a short siesta or watch the high decibel drama that unfolds with its concomitant of comedy, action, romance what have you. Enjoy maadi!

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