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Directed by : Sunil Kumar Desai

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Re is a comical extravaganza of real experiences in our day-today life. The hero arrives in Bangalore, The Silicon City, from Sringeri to take part in a T.V programme. As destiny would have it, he lands in 'Preeti Nilaya' wherein accidentally he meets people whom he has never met before but feels shockingly familiar. In due c...more


“With romance as its peg Re poses few philosophical points taking one on a jolly jaunt”

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Ramesh Aravind


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A charming philosophical sojourn

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Rarely do film directors go by their self belief in giving audiences clean and neat cinema. Trapped into compromises by producers they are often seen to give their convictions the go by and the result is there for audiences to see on the screen, week after week.

It is in such a pathetic state of entertainment affairs that erstwhile director Sunil Kumar Desai returns with Re and with aplomb. His nearly eight long years away from his career call seem to have turned the man into self introspective mood as also take on a philosophical mood. This is evident in his beautifully etched and cheerfully charming Re.

Re, in Kannada parlance is if in English. Pivoting around this eternal possibilities Desai explores the very many visages that a thinking man's mind plays with him. Without as much as taxing his expectant viewers, Desai ensures that while Re retains its comic streak, on the surface, as a subtext, on the other, he also indulges his audiences with what one may call magical realism in cinema parlance as his characters flit across the screen enacting his vision of modern day's angst and anxiety be it about love or combating one's own deveils within.

The film, per se, is all about how Papu, who arrives from Sringeri, to Bengaluru, is entrapped into a palatial mansion Preethi Nilaya where the ghosts of his grand fathers reside. With the grand fathers being accursed to retain their ghostly status until the grandson arrives and weds the girl destined for him, they are overjoyed at his arrival. However, with Parvati besotted with him their grand design of having him tie the knot with Preethi, who the shastras have said is the girl he should wed, everything goes heywire, with Papu, himself a reluctant victim, in that he is averse to marriage and has a dream girl of his own in mind.

How things pan out while the enterprising ensemble actors led by veteran Anant Nag play out this romance and reflective Re marks the genius of Desai. Superlative acting, equally enchanting cinematography and breezily made comic interludes sans any of the commercial claptrap, Re is a film for the discerning and those who believe in unsullied entertaining and engaging cinema. Yes, there is no ifs and buts about Re. Just go for it. If not..... Re will see you rue your date with a magical movie. There you have it.

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