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  • Spewing patriotic spiel


    Desimartini | Updated - April 25, 2015 09:54 AM IST
    2.9DM (96 ratings)

    Verdict - When patriotism takes a commando punch and novelty of single take goes for a toss

    DakshaRelease date : April 24, 2015

    Kannada cinema, of late, has taken to experimental path. A welcome sign indeed in keeping with the times. However, woefully, the experimentation just remains that, no step forward nor step backward. It is this aspect that really roils an avid watcher of Kannada films. With directors not wanting to go that extra mile or push the envelope to turn out nifty, nuanced narratives, the experimentation is done in by the directors' own inability to turn the tide and more so dictated by the polemics of producers' box office prospects.

    Take Daksha, by director S Narayan, the latest in the genre. Inspired to shoot a film in a single take with a single camera, is indeed a laudable initiative. However, trust directors like S Narayan, to go take this to fruition and make a classy and enterprising fare worthy of merit and appreciation.

    No. With his intent being just to inscribe his name in the Guinness Book of Records, which, having been faithfully done, Narayan, thereafter, seems to have lost interest in his project, and preferred the pedestrian route than professional acumen to play with Daksha's prospects.

    So, you have him playing to the gallery and with a star-billing in Duniya Vijay, he had no other say, than ensure Vijay's brawny build and action image, was milked for all its money's worth. But then, how does one do this other than providing a context while also ensuring there was a purpose to the whole puerile enterprise.

    With a palatial mansion as the perfect playground with its byzantine architectural contours to help pan and trolley his through its various corridors to achieve his Guinness aspiration, Narayan works out a wooly script that wilts under the heavy weight of its own mighty social purpose.

    Spicing up his saga with a message that bullet is the best possible prescription to press home the point for terrorists and Jihadi purveyors than waste tax-payers money in lengthy judicial process, Narayan comes up with his brand of panacea to the problem.

    Sure enough you have Duniya Vijay mouthing the choicest of patriotic homilies while he and the terrorists who have laid siege to the inmates of the house play ball with fusillade of bullets and jingoistic jabber. Alas, every which way you look at it, Narayan had a wonderful plotline to provide a picture perfect Daksha. However, pandering suit to the palates of the die-hards and succumbing to the trite majority, he unleashes a despicable Daksha that is totally insufferable to sit through. So there you have it. Now the ball is your court. Watch Vijay, or stay away and be happy, Narayan has done Sandalwood proud of etching a Guinness record at the cost of a deft cinema.

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    Rated 1.5April 25, 2015

    Spewing patriotic spiel

    Kannada cinema, of late, has taken to experimental path. A welcome sign indeed in keeping with the times. However, woefully, the experimentation ju...read more