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Mad cap misadventure



    Desimartini | Updated - October 23, 2015 2:26 PM IST
    2.8DM (141 ratings)

    Verdict - Trying to drum home the sordid state of country’s education system the film turns into a flippant fantasy to cleanse the Augean stables

    VascodigamaWatch trailerRelease date : October 23, 2015

    Education system in the country has gone to the dogs. There is abject disconnect with what is taught and the practicality of what today's youth need. It's time to overhaul the system.

    With this as its basic kernel Madhuchandra in Vascodigama, note the spelling, makes much song and dance literally, and turns his fare, which he has written, scripted and presented, into a nonsensical balderdash.

    Full of sound and fury, and as vacuous as he can make Vascodigama be, Madhuchandra sends his audiences on a high octane trip with nothing to carry home about. Pushing the figment of imagination envelope to its utmost limit, Madhuchandra simply eats the brains of his audience, instead of a more, meaningful entertainer.

    In between all the tomfoolery and trashiness that he foists in the name of making a meaningful cinema which will have a social impact and be revolutionary in its objective, Madhuchandra just goes on a wild goose chase.

    Vascodigama is a loony, ludicrous voyage which despite its thin social line of dry cleaning the country's education system is as lecherous and laughable as it can be. One cannot sit through Vascodigama even for ten minutes despite its decent length. Nicely divided into two halves one fun and another serious the film takes viewers on a roller-coaster ride leaving them dizzy at the end of it. Given it is festive season this Vascodigama and his valentine and valorous attempt to bring sense into policy makers can safely be given the miss and better option explored for entertainment. Simply stay away. Else suffer and curse a day gone sour.