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Money Rathnam

Money Rathnam

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Directed by : Santhosh Nair

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Money Rathnam is a comedy-drama movie directed by Santhosh Nair and stars Fahadh Faasil in the lead role


“Money Rathnam has a confusing plot and failed comedy of errors. Only good thing about the movie is it's short runtime. Give this a miss.”

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Fahadh Faasil


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Comedy of horrors!

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Money Rathnam is a terrible name for a movie - the filmmakers assumed that it would be punny and clever, but they made an ass of themselves, the audience and even Mani Rathnam as incidental casualty. The poster is tacky and cheeses you off before the movie itself can fully bore you with a lot of frenzy and no real incident.

Directed by Santhosh Nair the film opens on New Year's Eve, when Neil John Samuel played by Fahadh Faasil - selfish with no heart and suffers from acute bouts of overacting - chances upon a bag of cash. As soon as Neil gets the bag he is on the run from the Malayali mob led by Magudi Dass (Joju George), has a run in with a bunch of nameless Tamizh thugs, and experiences an almost Bodhic change of heart.

There are three-four or more parallel stories that do nothing for the main plot except make it complicated, and is a weak attempt at fooling the audience to thinking that this is going to go somewhere. To make matters worse Neil has a righteous fiance, Pia (Nivedha Menon), the girl is a whiny do-gooder who cries copious amounts and gives long lingering looks that pander to kids with a hole in their heart.

The rest of the movie is a pathetic 'comedy' of errors which have little or no bearing on the other. And starting from Sunil Sukhada as an astrologer, Joju George as a thug who refers to himself in the next person, Kochu Preman tiresome as a scatter-brain, Narayanan Kutty, Sasi Kalinga and even Renji Panicker who's making uncomfortably frequent cameos in movies - there is a motley crew of wasted talents brought in to deliver exaggerated accents and hysterical performances that only makes everything sillier.

Scriptwriters Anil Narayan and Ajith C. Lokesh looped themselves into a mess and use inexcusable coincidence and literary license to reach a conclusion without any glaring loopholes. To illustrate, the green geraldite, a magic stone capable of everything short of alchemy, seemed to be the point of the film initially and wound up in a pile of forgotten crystal dust.

The non confrontational Neil is a closet action superstar and participates in some carefully choreographed stunt sequences that would put Mafia Sasi to shame. The hip-hop, RnB inspired track, Paisa Paisa, is embarrassing especially for Fahadh who is unable to swagger and pull off being a homeboy. And it is impossible to ignore the desperate branding for Mercedes Benz throughout the film.

On the whole the film borders on the B grade and you must not waste your hard earned money or well deserved time with it.

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