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Thanneermathan Dinangal

Thanneermathan Dinangal

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Directed by : Girish A D

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Thanneermathan Dinangal is a coming of age comedy directed by Girish A D and stars Vineeth Sreenivasn in the lead role

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Vineeth Sreenivasan


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A Coming of Age Drama

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Remember that one time you peeped over your shoulder to take a glimpse of your secret crush in class? Just a smile reciprocating your love for her would melt your heart and
days pass by like the pages of a romance novel. But, if she rejects you, everything comes crashing down like a house of cards.

What if your undercover love affairs weren’t the only struggle at school? Countless equations on blackboards, back to back examinations and to aggravate matters, enormous textbooks that come with obnoxious teachers. Yes! teachers were your nemeses. They catch you when you sneak a puff of a ciggie or exchange heart shaped glances at the school playground. Our homeboy Jaison (Mathew Thomas) isn’t an exception.

Mathew Thomas as Jaison conveys the ramshackle brain of a restless teenager who is pumped up with love bugs and a stern determination to succeed in his studies. Little does he know as he lights candles at the grotto that his life unfurls into a peculiar one. A maniac in the form of a teacher (Vineeth Sreenivasan as Ravi Padmanabhan) walks into his school life turning everything upside down. It’s evident that Jaison vehemently despises him.

Here’s why, for weeks, young Jaison had his eyes on this girl named Keerthy
in his class and now she gets scooped away in a blink of an eye by his brand new Malayalam teacher. Rumour has it that the girls are going head over heels for this chap. Worst of all, Jaison hates him and the teacher hates him back. Now, that’s a tough spot to be in when your sixteen years old. Is this all in Jaison’s head or is it just reality?

Padmanabhan, Jaison’s Malayalam teacher isn’t a mediocre teacher who walks in circles with a textbook. He steadfast dives into the young minds, with life lessons and fun sessions. He composes tunes for text book poems and wins over the kids in a jiffy turning the whole school against Jaison. That doesn’t stop Jaison from innocently confessing his feelings to Keerthy who casts him away. Torn apart by his first attempt on young love, Jaison shares his grievances with his closely knit pack of friends who rendezvous over a glass of shrivelled ice-cold watermelon coulis at a food shack next door. It’s a breath of fresh air as the boys exchange stories while gulping down their drinks in a hurry to get back in class only to tackle further problems. Will Jaison become a wannabe in his own class or win over Keerthy’s heart and stick up for himself? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

The movie chimes everyday struggles of a middle class high schooler and director Girish A.D. has cast his story well. Thomas James of kumbalangi nights fame gets his own limelight to shine through this one as Jaison and gives his best, Anaswara Rajan as Keerthy aesthetically portrays a thick-skinned yet adorable high schooler and Vineeth Sreenivasan as Padmanabhan joyfully puts on an eccentric display.

Writers Girish A.D. and Dinoy Paulose don’t cook up a mellow drama instead they crawl into a teenager’s backpack sniffing out the epitome of events that make his teenage days worth remembering. What catches your mind is the attention to detail. The little mischiefs and shenanigans of the children that were captured on camera and snippets of Jomon T. John’s cinematography are oddly satisfying to sit through.

Thanneermathan Dinangal wards off the clichés in teen narratives bringing the story closer to the hearts of the younger ones and well equipped with sufficient gags for the older folks. Every time Jaison woke up for school or mustered up the courage to stand up to his teachers, we would hold our breath reminiscing the good old days. The story ladles fist fights and cricket matches which are all moments that drives us closer to the characters in the film. Watch if you want a breezy escape from a busy week.

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