A Classic Village Tale of Rivalry Void Vengeance

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    VikramadithyanWatch trailerRelease date : July 25, 2014

    A movie which flows at ease and slowly picks up its pace while delivering a warm story overflowing with the vivacity of a good old village, where dwells two young lads who compete with each other despite their comradeship in the past.

    With an enormous-Romantic-love-triangle in the backdrop director Lal Jose visually narrates the story of these two village boys; Vikraman (Unni Mukundan) who is the son of a Police man and Adithyan (Dulquer Salman) on the other hand, the son of a notorious thief.

    Set amidst a friendly neighbourhood, Vikraman is portrayed as a pampered daddy's boy whose ambition is far higher than the skies and his disciplined upbringing, a sparkler for the women in town. While Vikraman strolls across the village in his brand new motorbike, following a tight schedule and a workout routine closely supervised by his dad; Adithyan lazies around in his room and gallivants the neighbourhood in his bicycle enjoying bad company.

    Living in a village where his father was looked down upon, Adithyan nurtured a desire of donning a police uniform and elevating his family name from the bad reputation his father left behind. The irony of a thief's son cherishing a dream to become a police man coming face- to -face with the son of a high ranked police officer to claim their love for the same girl, Deepika (Namitha Pramod) drives the movie to the pinnacle of its success backed with the serene greens and the scenic cinematography of a down- to- Earth village life.

    The film swoops through the struggles and battles of these young men striving to become police officers and to win Deepika's heart. The solid story line polished with a promising performance by the main leads and the supporting actors, glistened with the right genre of background scores makes this movie a leisure time pleaser.

    Will Adithyan victoriously achieve his dream or his dream girl? The answer to that is just 143 MINUTES away. And it's well worth the wait!