16 Harry Potter Terms and Their Hilarious Hindi Translations

The year 2001 marked the start of a film franchise that would mesmerize the audiences worldwide irrespective of age, sex or gender. The Harry Potter film series is one of the highest grossing film franchise of all time with every part breaking and establishing various box office records. Not only that, the films were also praised for their superb visual effects, the effortless chemistry between the 3 leads and the overall fight of good trumping over bad. The films have helped in popularizing the Harry Potter culture worldwide and we see conventions, courses, balls, parties and theme park rides based on our favorite wizard and witches. Ever thought how the terms like 'Crucio' or 'Slugulus Eructo' would sound in Hindi? We bet you've wondered what your favorite spells and other wizard terms would sound like in Hindi. Well here's a list of some of them:

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