Divyanka Tripathi Faces Airline Issues...But She Chooses A Different Way Of Dealing With It

After singer Aditya Narayan’s antics at an airport attracted condemnation, TV actor Divyanka Tripathi was involved in flight troubles of her own, but handled it in a completely different manner.

Divyanka was held up at an airport on September 30, after attending Navratri functions with her husband, Vivek Dahiya. She was supposed to arrive on set for shooting, but was delayed. So she tweeted a series of complaints to Jet Airways, saying that because of the delay, hundreds of passengers were left stranded without an explanation.

When the airline responded by saying that they would look into the matter, she replied that they shouldn’t take action based on the status of the passenger, but should treat the needs of every equally.

On Monday, Aditya Narayan was caught verbally abusing airline staff after he was told that he was carrying more than his allotted amount of cabin baggage. His actions were lampooned online and met with condemnation.