Sumalatha-Ambareesh Reveals The Secret To Strong Relationship

Sandalwood’s most-adored couple Ambareesh and his elegant wife Sumalatha has been known to share a romantic life together. According to latest reports, the couple recently talked about their relationship and has also revealed their secret to keeping up their romance alive. Ambareesh had been a rebel star in sandalwood and is loved by all.

Talking about what he loves about his spouse, Ambareesh said, “I love that she is such a caring person and I appreciate how she has been there for me and taken care of me. She is an intelligent woman and has put the family first in her priorities. Sumalatha: I love the fact that he has a big heart. He is one of the most giving people and puts others first, ahead of everything else, including himself. There are very few people who are so selfless in their nature”.

Further, he revealed that the secret to his strong and smooth married life. He said, “We need to understand each other and stay together. Look at us, she is good and I am bad, but we stay together”. Meanwhile, Sumalatha said that marriage is a plant that needs watering every single day. 

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Sumalatha-Ambareesh Reveals The Secret To Strong Relationship