13 Bollywood Star Wives Who Gave Their Husband A Second Chance!

Bollywood is an industry that showers the members with a lot of fame, appreciation and love from all over the world. But a place which can give so much to you can also take a lot from with. Sucess too has its own downside. With more commitment, there is less time to spend with your family and near and dear ones. 

At times, such distances prove to be detrimental for a relationship. Actors, who spend their time working rather than with their family, often develop a soft corner for their co-stars and fall for them. While sometimes they do realise their mistakes and come back home to their wives, many a time the star wives do not forgive these stars. But then there are star wives like the following who had given a second chance to their husbands:

Star Wives WHo Gave Their Husband A Second Chance!