15 Upcoming South Releases That Might Challenge Bollywood Films!

Bollywood films have an advantage and cut over the rest of the industries in the nation because of the language. Hindi is a language that is understood by most of the regions and also appeals to the NRI population. With the English subtitles, many NRIs and even foreign citizens too enjoy watching the films which is why they also make good overseas collection. 

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But the monopoly of Bollywood is gradually being broken with South industry catching up with it. Baahubali made a record by collecting more than any Bollywood film of that year in India. In fact, with the subtitles and dubbing, the south industry is posing as a direct competition to Bollywood.

In 2018 and 2019 too, there is a lineup of interesting South films that might just overtake many Bollywood films. Here is a list of 15 South films that might steal Bollywood's thunder: