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RANKED: Khans, Kumar or Devgn, Who Is The Biggest Superstar Of The Decade?

Who Is The Biggest Superstar Of The Decade?

When it comes to Bollywood, no matter how much we love the new crop of stars, things will mostly revolve around name. We are talking about the biggest superstars of the country which,of course, includ

September 15, 2019 05:27 IST

Amazing Things That Keep Happening On Ganesh Chaturthi, But Only In Bollywood And TV Serials

Ganesh Chaturthi Cliches In Bollywood And TV

Huge idols or Ganpati, red and orange gulaal all around, a sea of people, the madness of aarti with dhols and cymbals, chants of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’- Ganpati celebrations always paint a picture of g

September 02, 2019 01:08 IST

5 Films You Never Realized Were Unintentional Sequels Of Another Film

5 Unintentional Sequels Of Bollywood

Of late, Bollywood has really turned its focus to making films on real people and real incidents.  While it is true that we are overdosing a little on biopics, what is also true is that the trend is w

August 18, 2019 07:39 IST

When The Original Film Released The Stars Of Their Bollywood Remakes Were This Old

Age Of Remake Stars When The Original Film Released

If recent reports are to be believed then Shahid Kapoor’s debut film Ishq Vishk might be remade in Bollywood.  Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Amrita Rao, who played the lead in the 2003 hit

July 16, 2019 04:18 IST

These Bollywood Stars Are Among The Top 30 Fitness Influencers Of The Country

Bollywood Stars Who Are In Top 30 Fitness Influencers

A leading preventive healthcare organization has recently come up with the list of 30 Fitness Influencers of India and as expected Bollywood forms a good chunk of the list. Topping the list is the Hon

July 09, 2019 06:10 IST

5 Actors Who Are A Better Fit For Bollywood Now Than They Were In The Eras They Started Their Careers

5 Actors Who Are A Better Fit For Bollywood Now

Bollywood is going through a massive change and that is not news. After years of battling with stereotypes and fatigued storylines, Bollywood is finally coming up with content that are new and fresh.

July 08, 2019 06:11 IST

Bollywood Half Yearly Report 2019: Few Firsts Of Bollywood That We Weren’t Too Happy About

Few Unfortunate Firsts Of Bollywood In 2019

The year 2019 has been pretty kind to Bollywood. Films have made box-office records, actors have given career defining performances and some have even made international headlines. While there has may

July 03, 2019 03:00 IST

5 Bollywood Actors Who Set Records In Their Careers In The First Half Of 2019

5 Actors Who Set Records In The 1st Half Of 2019

Remember our excitement when 2018 gave us back to back to films that not only impressed us but also set the cash registers ringing? While all of us were elated, one could not help but wonder if it was

July 01, 2019 04:51 IST

Shahid Kapoor To Compete With Shah Rukh Khan And Amitabh Bachchan With Kabir Singh

Shahid Kapoor To Compete With Shah Rukh Khan And Amitabh Bachchan

It is time for Shahid Kapoor to get drunk. He may have been a warrior in his last big success, Padmaavat. However in his upcoming release Kabir Singh, he is 'not a rebel without a cause' (in his own w

June 03, 2019 06:48 IST

5 Directors Shah Rukh Khan Must Work With Right Now To Get Over His Slump

5 Directors Who End Shah Rukh Khan's Slump

The whispers in hushed tone started a while back, perhaps when he lost the box-office battle to Ranveer Singh when Dilwale clashed with Bajirao Mastani, but now, after the debacle of Zero, it is a lou

May 06, 2019 06:53 IST