Filmmaker Ravi Abbulu's Next Directorial 'Seyal' To Release Soon!

Kollywood filmmaker Ravi Abbulu is known to have helmed the movie Shahjahan. The director is set to helm an upcoming movie titled as ‘Seyal’. The upcoming movie will star Rajan in the lead role.

‘Seyal’ will have the backdrop of north Madras. Regarding the movie, the director said, “The film is both serious and entertaining. I have titled it ‘Seyal’ because the film has a social message. The seyal that the hero decides to do, irrespective of whether he is a friend or his enemy, will be a lesson that audiences can take home”.

Regarding the action scenes performed by the lead star, Ravi said, “Rajan did all the stunts by himself. In fact, he hurt himself while filming a fight sequence. But he was keen on doing the stunt without a body double. He even trained under Kanal Kannan master for the same”. The movie depicts a common man coming to a notorious area for work purpose and getting beaten up. Things escalate when the video of the man being beaten up gets uploaded on the internet and gets viral.

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Filmmaker Ravi Abbulu's Next Directorial 'Seyal' To Release Soon!