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Jackson Durai

Jackson Durai

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Jackson Durai is a Tamil horror comedy film witten and directed by Dharani Dharan, starring Sibiraj, Sathyaraj and Bindu Madhavi in the leading roles, while Karunakaran plays an important role.

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Jackson Durai is diluted entertainment. All the way.

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Mukesh Kumar (678 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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You've this latest trend that throws some garbage at the audience in the name of rom-com/horror-com these days and expect us to enjoy the same old stuffs presented with no conviction whatsoever. Jackson Durai is no different from the above mentioned fiasco.

Jackson Durai is a tedious and irritating tale about a story that is no different from any other horror movies we've come across in the recent past, with some disgusting comedy set pieces thrown at us in a haphazard manner. The director didn't really mean to make us laugh but was only particular in filling up the 2 hour duration with no creativity.

Barring a few rib-tickling moments throughout the entire first half, the movie was simply blatant. Second half was not even passable to be honest. Such a complacent screenplay which even made the impressive cinematography and out-of-the-box BG score to look average.

Watch Jackson Durai.. er.. no. Recommended skip. Can watch those very few hilarious comedy scenes on TV maybe. Forgettable outing for the entire cast and crew. Especially for Mottai Rajendran after a string of impressive performances.

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